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We are pleased to introduce Urban Resource Corporation, a land development planning and engineering firm dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients. Our team consists of highly motivated and respected professionals with reputations for excellence in the field of land development engineering. The team at Urban Resource offers creative, technically accurate, and appropriate planning and engineering design solutions for every project. The past qualifications of our principals include management and design responsibilities for several of the largest master planned communities in Orange County, countless single and multi-family residential tracts, apartment complexes, parks, and commercial projects throughout Southern California. We look forward to you being an integral part of our development team. The Principals of Urban Resource are a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of land development engineering experience. Their backgrounds allow them to be a unique and integral part of our client’s development teams, thus enhancing the management and coordination of each project.   We are proud of the accomplishments we have been able to achieve in the past, and we know that Urban Resource will be a definite asset to our client’s development teams.    We are excited for you to experience the exceptional service that we will provide at Urban Resource.

Urban Resource Corporation was founded in September 2005 on a very basic principle:  Clients will always pay for exceptional service and knowledge, and the best way to market this approach is through our own reputation for upholding our high standards for excellence. We believe that a knowledgeable, courteous, and responsive employee will establish a long term relationship with our clients based on the professional respect it deserves. We encourage our employees to continue learning and growing with our company by taking advantage of your colleagues experience as well as continuing their education through the many associations and affiliations that this industry has to offer. We take pride in providing our clients with exceptional service in a professional and friendly way.

Urban Resource Corporation and its employees can be described as Professional, Innovative, Responsive, Dedicated, and Qualified. These five characteristics or values are essential to the success of our employees and the company. The service we provide is very important and integral to the land development process. We are one of many professionals on a development team and each team member or discipline deserves and requires the respect as a professional. Each of our clients and associates must be provided with professional engineering services as requested to succeed in client satisfaction. Consulting Civil Engineering has the basic requirements of education, training and experience, but each client and each project are unique; and they both require an innovative approach to every design solution from our office. These creative and innovative solutions provide each client and project the best possible outcome regarding accuracy, timing and budgets. There are many people that depend on our office during a land development project. It is critical that our employees are extremely responsive to every project. Our company and the projects associated with our company will succeed as long as we are responsive to every request made to our company. We take pride in a quick response to phone calls, email, letters, plan check comments, etc.; for timing is essential to the development process. We will continue to succeed as long as our employees are dedicated to the company and its projects and clients. Every employee must be dedicated to each and every task associated with our service. The services we provide vary greatly in difficulty, but every service requested must be completed for a project to succeed. It is this dedication to the process and the company goals that will benefit the company, our employees and our clients. And finally, our company and our employees must be qualified for the services we provide. We take pride in the experience that each employee can offer this company and project, but we also recognize the importance in understanding our limitations. We are responsible for providing qualified personnel for each project and it is our professional duty to do so. The industry is very complex, and we strive to understand as much of it as possible. We must understand our abilities and our limitations in order to provide qualified civil engineering services to our clients. We expect each of our employees to understand and comply with these five basic characteristics or values, and we strive to provide exceptional service based on these values in a friendly way.


Urban Resource Corporation was founded by Jay Ruby, Kelly Aguerre, Martin Aguerre and Terry Au; who continue to be the acting Principals for the firm.  The company was incorporated in September of 2005.  We proudly opened the doors for business in Irvine, California on January 23, 2006.   Word of our new start up company spread quickly throughout the industry, for we had many years of experience, many contacts, and reputations for excellence in the industry.  We were lucky enough to get a request for a proposal on our first day of business.  We are proud to have Beazer Homes as our first official client.  We were off and running on our first project, and the phone never stopped ringing.  The first year was a lot of work, and we were able to succeed with our goal of providing excellent service and value to our clients while having fun at the same time.  We were anxious to become involved in the industry, so we joined CELSOC, The Building Industry Association, The Irvine Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, and more.  Before we knew it and our little start-up company has become very well known in the industry, and we have a reputation for excellence in our service provided.  We really believe that our commitment to our company goals, values and principles as described above allowed us to succeed in business, and we believe that this commitment will provide the continued success for the company.    We look forward to making history with all of our future employees and clients.


Urban Resource is proud to be owned and operated by the four active partners in the corporation in conjunction with our great employees. This enables us to be hands on for each and every project, allowing us to provide exceptional and responsive service to our clients. Each client’s project team from Urban Resource consists of project managers, design engineers, and CAD drafters. Each team member is completely proficient in all aspects of our civil engineering design services, including: site planning, entitlement, master plans and tentative maps, rough grading, precise grading, street, storm drain and hydrology, sewer, water, retaining walls, erosion control and water quality, fire lines and many types of exhibits. This allows the greatest amount of flexibility for our clients and the quickest response. We are also proud to be associated with several other engineering and surveying firms that sub-consult with our company. This enables our office to provide a full range of civil engineering design and construction services, including: survey topography, ALTA surveys, construction survey, final tract maps, parcel maps, legal descriptions and easement documents.

The following people comprise our team at Urban Resource:

Jay Ruby, President
Jay brings over 16 years of land development engineering and planning experience to the firm.  He has successfully been a project manager and designer for many master planned communities, backbone infrastructure projects, single and multi-family builder communities, commercial, parks and recreation facilities throughout Southern California.  With a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, he takes a multi-disciplinary approach to design and management for the development process from entitlement through construction.

Terry Au, P.E., Principal
Terry is a registered Civil Engineer in California, Arizona and Nevada, with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Irvine; and a Masters degree in Structural Engineering from the University of California, San Diego.  He brings over 6 years of land development engineering experience to the firm, and he has been a successful design engineer for many infrastructure projects, single and multi-family builder communities, commercial, parks and recreation facilities throughout Southern California.  Terry leads our storm water and hydrology division at the office.

Kelly Aguerre, Principal
Kelly brings over 26 years of CAD design and administration experience as well as over 12 years of land development engineering experience to the firm. She has gained a reputation for excellence in the industry with many successful podium level apartment, park and recreation projects throughout Southern California.  She is a successful project manager and design engineer for all types of engineering, as well as an integral part of our CAD operations at the firm.

Martin Aguerre, Principal
Martin brings over 24 years of management experience and 8 years of land development engineering experience to the firm. He has gained a reputation for excellence in the industry with many successful podium level apartment projects in Southern and Northern California.  He is a successful project manager and design engineer for all types of engineering, as well as an integral part of our Information Technology at the firm. He also specializes in technical specifications, construction estimation and water quality reports.

Jeffrey Tang, Senior Project Manager
Jeff has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Irvine, and he brings over 6 years of land development engineering experience to the firm. He has been a successful design engineer and project manager for many infrastructure projects, single and multi-family builder communities, commercial, parks and recreation facilities throughout Southern California.

Guida Surveying Inc.
Guida Surveying is a multi-disciplined land surveying firm providing “on-call” and project based surveying and mapping services throughout California and Arizona.  They have been in business since 1988 and have over 80 employees, including 24 fully equipped survey crews. They have five offices for easy project coordination in Irvine, San Marcos, La Quinta, Dublin and Mesa Arizona.

Borchard Surveying and Mapping, Inc.
Borchard Surveying and Mapping is a land surveying firm specializing in mapping. Their services include final tract maps, parcel maps, ALTA surveys, lot line adjustments, easement legal description and depictions, topographic surveys, boundary surveys, record of surveys and light construction staking.

Ware Enterprises, Inc.

Ware Enterprises is a full service land surveying firm specializing in construction staking, topographic surveys, boundary surveys, ALTA surveys, parcel maps and lot line adjustments.


Our company provides consulting civil engineering services for land development projects. Our services include: entitlement, land planning, grading and drainage design, street and utility infrastructure design, survey and mapping. Our clients include developers, home builders, architects, landscape architects, agencies, and private individuals. Our projects include: single family residential, multi family residential, parks and recreation, commercial or industrial sites, infrastructure, and utilities. We are a full service firm offering services from conceptual design through construction.
Urban Resource is currently licensed in California, Nevada and Arizona.


We are proud to be partners with each and every client, and maintain excellent relationships by providing the exceptional service that they deserve. We have worked on many projects with the following clients, and references can be obtained as needed.

Sares-Regis Group
  Mike Winter, Vice President 949-809-2523
  Greg Albert, Vice President 949-809-2515
  Nate Carlson, Project Manager 949-809-2534
  Jim Ivory, Project Manager 949-809-2530
  Arthur Robertson, Vice President 949-437-0114
  Paul Wong, Senior Principal 949-224-0040
EPT Design
  Ric Vanderwood, Principal 949-502-4500
Clark and Green Associates
  Mike Green, Principal 714-434-9803
Beazer Homes
  Darius Fatakia, Vice President  714-672-7000
  Bryan Bergeron, Project Manager 714-672-7000
John Laing Homes
  Debra Pember, Director of Devel. 949-265-6874


We are proud to be members of the following affiliations:

Consulting Civil Engineers